Hackers Target Law Firms

Hackers are now targeting large law firms in hopes to obtain confidential data.  What they plan to do with it will shock you…

In an attempt to obtain confidential data, hackers are now attacking large law firms.  The law firms that seems to be of interest are in the corporate sector, and are being targeted for any “non-public” information.  It is believed the hackers are trying to obtain insider trading information to capitalize on potential stock market gains.  PC Pitstop was consulted regarding the issue by Threat Post, and made the following statement:

“Hackers are stealing this confidential information for the purpose of insider trading. Stealing information from patents that are currently in process, or details about an upcoming merger and acquisition, can be easily used to ‘game’ the stock market…”

PC Pitstop’s cybersecurity team also believes the hackers are gaining access to email addresses for high profile executives.  This in turn opens the doors to phishing attacks.  Dodi Glenn from our cybersecurity team made the following statement to Help Net Security:

“…these law firms house email addresses of critical, and sometimes high level executive management, at very large organizations. Lists can be compiled and sold on the black market for hackers looking to try phishing attacks…”



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