Medstar Health: The Next Infected with Ransomware


On March 28, Medstar Health was hit with a ransomware attack and required to disable its network…


The ransomware attack on the medical organization left the staff in a frenzy with no accessible avenues to schedules and patient records. Because the ransomware had taken over the system and files, the staff were posed with the decision to pay the requested ransom to the attackers in lieu of the files or to not pay the ransom and gamble with the situation where the files are permanently deleted.


On March 29, the day following the attack, Medstar’s IT professionals were on the case repairing the damage caused by the cyber-criminals. The team decided to initiative action by taking down original systems and work off of back-up systems.


By March 30, IT professionals were nearing the completion of restoring all systems to fully functioning status. It was noted at the time that no customer data information had been compromised.

Check out our interactive, live map of the ransomware attacks that have taken place within the U.S. below:

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