Ransomware Hits Board of Water and Light in Michigan’s Capital

Accounting and emailing capabilities were stopped immediately when a ransomware attack hit Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL) in Michigan…

On April 25, 2016 an employee of BWL clicked on a malicious link sent via email, which sprung a cyberattack into action.  A week later, the utility company is still struggling to get things back in order.  Lansing Board of Water and Light’s support services were back up and running, as of yesterday.  According to The Register, billing has been rescheduled, as they have not been able to access their accounting files.  The FBI is currently investigating this attack.

Fortunately, the 96,000 BWL customers did not lose power.  The company also uses a third party vendor for credit card handling, so the hackers do not have access to consumer payment data.

We have generated an interactive map that includes all of the ransomware attacks within the United States that have occurred this year.


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  1. BWL itself should be prosecuted for having an external system (email) interconnected to its business critical systems so that this form of attack is possible.

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