Ransomware Infection Hits Hospital

American Toy Company Pushes Ransomware to Site Visitors


American toy brand, Maisto, was in the news last week for reportedly spreading malicious ransomware to their online visitors…

Due to the usages of outdated application software, Maisto is now responsible for spreading the malicious malware, ransomware, to online shoppers.

Dodi Glen, VP of Cyber Security at PC Pitstop says, “As if the threat of ransomware was not growing fast enough, we now have a ransomware hybrid. Cryptxxx spreads through a system via the Angler Exploit Kitm infecting the machine with Bedep Trojans, which allow hackers access to the machine to add the new .crypt encryption. From there, the system is vulnerable to multiple threats: the demand to provide an estimated amount of $500 in Bitcoins to unlock files, the loss of large amounts of data stored to the system, and the stealing of any Bitcoins previously reserved for use. Fortunately, if you are infected with Cryptxxx, there’s now a free decryptor tool called RannohDecrypto by Kapersky Lab available for victims…”

It is reported that dated software programs, specifically browser plug-ins such as Silverlight, Java, and Flash Player, are vulnerable to transmitting the malware. Upon visiting Maisto’s or any infected pages, if there is any plug-in vulnerabilities, the attack then drops a web-based tool kit, Angler Exploit Kit, on the system and installing the malware. Assuming the attack was successful, the attack then initiates the malware dropper, Bedep, installation and Cryptxxx is then installed.

Fortunately, if you are infected with the malware, there is now a free decryptor available for the victims: RannohDecryptor.

For more information on Cryptxxx, refer to last week’s PC Pitstop Tech Talk blog covering this malicious ransomware hybrid.

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