Internet Speeds – Are you getting what you’re paying for?

Are you noticing slower internet speeds than what you’re paying for?

Your internet speed probably differs throughout the day, and is contingent upon how many devices you have linked to your connection.  However, are you really getting the internet speeds you are paying your provider for?

PC Pitstop software developers have created a long-term speed test to obtain an average of your internet speeds.  The test is to be ran once an hour every day for one week.  The results are then provided to you.  You will be able to identify when you obtained the best speeds and the average speeds were that you were receiving.  From there, you could contact your service provider if you are not receiving the speeds that you are being billed for on a monthly basis.

When running the test it is encouraged that you do NOT use a WiFi connection; however if you do, for best results place your device closer to the router.

Click here to download the internet speed test.


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10 thoughts on “Internet Speeds – Are you getting what you’re paying for?”

  1. When attempting to download the file I received a notice that the file was not trusted and was dangerous. Surely, you folks are not dealing under the table…. are you?

  2. It might not work b/c the people who built it can’t speak English, either. In the paragraph above they say “the test is to be ran . . . ” Sure, it could be just a typo, but the /a/ is a long way from the /u/ on the keyboard. Furthermore, you ought to have someone proofread your copy before you publish it, right? C’mon, man.

  3. I cannot get this app to work. I am unable to complete the form, as it appears to only accept US zip codes, and not UK postcodes. I’m having to uninstall now, since it is useless to anyone who does not live in the USA.

  4. Hello Everyone, I have downloaded the software and it is working. I don’t know if they have changed the software in any manner since the three comments were made or not. My suggestion is to remove the program and then download it and run it. See if it works this time.

  5. Andrew Whitburn

    Pathetic. Can’t even get it to run. Was this even tested? So much for professional software.

  6. Does not work!
    Problem may be in the way the day month year are set up in the tool. My Australian laptop clock is set to run on day month year where it seems the tool is set on
    year month day.

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