The Government Security Revolution Begins Today

The current security threats to the government industry seem to be rather obvious and frankly quite scary. 

The teenage hacker group who refer to themselves as “Crackas With Attitude” have caused serious issues for the FBI, local government agencies, military agencies, intelligence units, and the Secret Service with their multiple hacks of personal data which was then exposed to the world.  These hacks not only expose the vulnerabilities of the government’s cyber security, but also have the potential to expose employees who are working undercover, putting lives at risk.  Unfortunately, this hacking group is only one of many.

Not a day goes by where we learn that another large company has been compromised, and these are only the reported attacks.  It is safe to assume not every breach is publically reported, thus we really have no way to know the true impact of the growing ransomware issues, and security breaches.

What we do know, is it is far too easy to install malicious software and bypass the traditional blacklist architecture employed by the security industry.

So what do you do to protect your data against the very threats your industry faces on a day-to-day basis, if traditional security programs and methods have become obsolete?  Two words: Tech Sentry.

“The world needs better security…and we got it.”

We are in the midst of a digital revolution, but the continued threat of cyber security has stalled the transformation.  There are two key problems in cyber security.  The first being unwanted, malicious and unauthorized software running on endpoints, and the second is unauthorized access to web properties and VPNs.  Tech Sentry addresses both of these key issues.

Tech Sentry was launched in the channel on March 16, 2016.  It was developed by the American software company, PC Pitstop LLC., which was founded in 1999.  PC Pitstop quickly became the world’s most popular website to diagnose common computer problems.  It has since evolved as a company, and is now the maker of the best end-point security solution and only three-factor authentication program on the market, Tech Sentry.

Tech Sentry Endpoint Suite provides superior end-point security by using proprietary, real-time whitelisting technology and driver and patch management.  The whitelisting approach is essentially the opposite of blacklisting.  Instead of trying to accumulate a list of all known, malicious files and programs and keep that list up-to-date, the whitelist is an approach that gathers all the known, safe programs and only allows those to run.  By implementing such approach, we believe we have solved the first of two key problems in cyber security; unwanted, malicious and unauthorized software running on endpoints as the whitelist provides advanced protection against APTs, polymorphic viruses, ransomware and zero-day attacks.  Tech Sentry patch and driver management automatically keeps servers, workstations and remote computers secure with the latest security patches and software updates; making it the fastest and simplest way to ensure your endpoints start and stay fast.

The second problem in cyber security is unauthorized access to web properties and VPNs.  We have also solved this with our Tech Sentry Authentication.  Tech Sentry Authentication is the industry’s first three-factor authentication with a unique feature which will enable IT Administrators to counter-attack the hackers, rendering the hacker’s computer inoperable until the user is identified.  There are currently two-tiered authentication options available from our competitors; however, none of which employ the strike-back technology that Tech Sentry Authentication uses.

We are in the midst of a digital revolution, but the continued threat of cyber security has stalled the transformation.”

It is painfully clear, the world needs better security…and we got it.

Smaller government agencies have already found the benefits of our whitelisting technology.  Tech Sentry is in front of the adoption curve, starting the security revolution, and we hope you will join us soon.   

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