Texas’ Abilene ISD: New Ransomware Attack


Texas’ Abilene ISD was hit with ransomware on Sunday, May 8 causing website to later crash…


Region 11 Education System, located in Fort Worth, TX, was taken over on May 8 due to a ransomware attack. Although the attack first appeared to be a server issue, AISD confirmed the education system were not aware of the attack until Tuesday when the ransom was posted. It is reported the malicious attack on the servers left data encrypted and inaccessible. While further details of the attack are still under investigation, the site was restored and functioning by Wednesday, May 11.


Fortunately, Abilene ISD reported they had properly backed enough files to successfully rebuild the site to avoid paying the ransom. As we’ve covered before, although a ransom is paid to the cyber criminals, it does not necessarily confirm the victim will retrieve all data. In result, it is believed that none of the AISD employee or student information was leaked.

We have generated an interactive map that includes all of the ransomware attacks within the United States that have occurred this year.


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