Cybersecurity Concerns Result In Decreased Online Activity

The recent uptake in cyber criminal activity has caused a decline in web activity…

A recent study was conducted by National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce, which included 41,000 internet-using households.  The study was regarding internet usage and concerns associated with cybersecurity and the increase in criminal activity.  Of those who participated, 84% reported having at least one concern regarding the security of their information while online.

Techlicious reported almost half of those surveyed (45%), stated they have opted out of making online purchases and posting opinions online due to their cybersecurity concerns.

Our security expert, Dodi Glenn, weighed in on the issue to Credit Union Times:

“With all of the recent breaches we have seen in 2015, it is no surprise to see that e-commerce is being impacted by cybersecurity.  Households have other means of conducting financial transactions, such as visiting the actual bank, so they feel the risk is simply not worth being able to conduct online transactions.  What I find more concerning is that not only are the households concerned about conducting financial transactions, they also seem to have little faith in our government.”

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2 thoughts on “Cybersecurity Concerns Result In Decreased Online Activity”

  1. TheOncomingStorm

    not me! still as careful as ever, but no more concerned than i was even a year ago.

    i find it amusing that they had to add the fact that fewer people have faith in the government. especially since it has absolute f a to do with e-commerce and internet banking. it’s no shock though. the government keeps demonstrating that they’re not worth having any faith in. as it’s said, nowt can be hidden forever.

  2. Is anyone surprised by this? Anyone paying attention to all the exploits and malware has to take pause before using the web for anything. Still use it a lot – but with great care.

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