Ransomware Hackers Target Amazon Users

Phishing scam sent to millions of Amazon users…who bit?

Hackers recently sent out, what could be the largest ransomware attack this year.

Roughly 100 million emails were sent to Amazon users with Locky ransomware waiting to be unleashed.  According to Threat Post, the Amazon users received emails from auto-shipping@amazon.com, with the subject, “Your Amazon.com order has dispatched (#code).”  The emails were blank with an attached Word document.  Upon opening the attachment, the user will be asked to enable Macros.  Check yes, and you’re infected.  That simple.

Threat Post reported the ransom ranges between 0.5 to 1 bitcoins ($227 to $454 USD) for the email recipients of the ransomware.

It’s unknown how many of these emails were considered effective; however out of the millions that were sent, it’s fair to say someone is now infected because of it.



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