Bloatware – A Security Risk

Bloatware has traditionally been considered harmless, but what about when it turns into a security risk?

Bloatware, also known as the unnecessary software loaded onto your new PC, has historically been identified has harmless.  Although it may slow down your PC, no one really considered it harmful, just more of a nuisance, until now.

According to InfoPacket, the biggest issue lies within the “updater tools”.  As it turns out, these tools have security flaws already within them.  These flaws include failing to confirm connection to the proper target server to find and download new software, and lack of authentication prior to software installation.  These tools are also installed in an inconsistent manner, making it more difficult to find and remove them.

For instructions on how to speed up your Windows, including how to remove bloatware from your computer, click here.

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2 thoughts on “Bloatware – A Security Risk”

  1. Ardell,
    I presume you meant Windows 10. Just revert it back to your previous version of Windows, ie Win7, Win8, Win8.1. Do it soon as you only have 30 days before it deletes your old Windows files. Install CWX Control Panel to stop further Win10 updates etc. Microsoft says the free Win10 stops as of June 30th 2016, but who really knows!

  2. I DID not request windows 19 to be put on my laptop and Microsoft put it on anyhow one day using and download started and I could not stop.

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