Cerber Ransomware Morphs Every 15 Seconds

In order to bypass your security software, the makers of Cerber ransomware are now changing the detection code every 15 seconds…

This is exactly the problem with traditional blacklist anti-viruses.  It is impossible for a blacklist to keep up with these new Cerber variants every 15 seconds, which is exactly why the creators of the malware are doing it.

With these changes being detected, it is now being questioned if Cerber was actually the ransomware that had originated in September of 2015.  According to Softpedia, by changing this original variant detected in 2015, and consistently morphing their code, Cerber creators are able to avoid detection quite easily.

The best protection for ransomware is cybersecurity education, and a whitelisting approach to computer security.

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1 thought on “Cerber Ransomware Morphs Every 15 Seconds”

  1. I received two emails from Fedx shipping and they were ransomware.I hit stop before the loading finished,computer stopped working,was able to restore from day before all fine now.I am lucky .

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