32M Twitter Accounts For Sale On Dark Web

The same hackers responsible for the LinkedIn, MySpace and Tumblr found themselves with 32 million Twitter accounts to sell…

According to The Washington Times, 32 million Twitter usernames and passwords are up for sale on the dark market.  The social media site is denying any kind of security breach, but as a precautionary measure, has locked all of the known breached accounts until the user does a password reset.  It is being assumed at this time, that millions of people were actually infected with malware which sat on their computers, sending their various credientials to the hackers.  It was reported the cache of data was trying to be sold on the dark web for 10 bitcoins, or $6,000 USD.

To be precautious, run a malware detection program to ensure you are not infected.  Once you are certain your PC is malware free, reset your password on any of the social media sites that you use that have been affected.  It is important you scan your computer first; since if you are infected with malware and they’re tracking your credentials, they’ll get your new password too.

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