Ransomware Strikes City of Janesville

The city of Janesville, Wisconsin is still working to revive their systems after a ransomware attack that occurred last week…

The attacks were distributed via email and were under the disguise of a contract and incorrect credit card charges from businesses the city could’ve been working with, reported Channel 3000.  Multiple employees opened these emails, spreading the virus throughout their computer system.  Once unleashed it immediately started to reorganize the computer files.

One of the people who opened the email, immediately noticed it was not was it was supposed to be.  Luckily they informed their IT department immediately who was able to manually take down networks and removed all potentially infected PCs.  At this time, the city is still working to get everything running as it should.  They are hopeful they stopped the virus in time before any major damage was done.

It is reported systems should be up and functioning as normal, by the end of the week.

For a full list of all reported ransomware attacks on public municipalities, click here.

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