Ransomware Hits NASCAR Full Throttle

Ransomware attacked a racing company earlier this week, right before NASCAR race day…

According to The Register, Leavine Family Racing has admitted to paying a ransom to recover data that was infected with TrueCrypt ransomware earlier this week.  It is reported that without access to the encrypted data, the company could’ve lost millions of dollars.  The information encrypted included testing data, which the company needed for race day.  They made attempts to recover the files on their own, but were unsuccessful.  Once the ransom was paid, they received the encryption key and were able to get their data back in time to participate in the NASCAR race.

Paying the ransom reinforces the hackers to continue to spread the ransomware, as it is proving to be lucrative.  Also, expressing how crucial the data was that was encrypted could possibly lead to similar attacks in the future with potentially much higher demands.

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