SuperShield Protection

You’ve installed PC Matic, but now what?

PC Matic includes SuperShield, our realtime protection component that uses the industries only automated whitelist technology. SuperShield blocks all unknown malware and ransomware by default to keep your computer safe from the latest threats. After installing PC Matic, run an initial scan and clean on your computer. Once the scan is complete, we can begin installing SuperShield by following the steps below.

  1. Open PC Matic.
  2. Click the Options gear icon.
  3. Select the SuperShield tab from the left side.
  4. Now click the Install button for SuperShield.
  5. It may take several minutes for the install to complete and to finish downloading definitions.

To verify that SuperShield is working, look in the lower right corner of the Windows System Tray by the time display and verify that the SuperShield icon is green. When updating definitions, the shield may change colors between red, orange/yellow and finally green.

For additional information or assistance, please access the User Guide or contact our customer support team at

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57 thoughts on “SuperShield Protection

  1. I bought PCMatic a day ago. I tried to install it by following the instructions provided on PCMatic Website. Strangely enough, all the links on your website are hijacked by ads. Once click on them they lead to other sites. I was able to download the pcmatic-setup. 0000.exe but it was also hijacked. It could not execute.I went to the technical support number provided on the site. I connected to a tech support with remote access (Support-LogMeInRescue.exe) who was going to troubleshoot the installation problem. After a batch of files with “X” was shown flashing, I was informed that my computer was corrupted with bad files. To make the story short, I was told it will cost me $99.99 for one time support. Right there I felt something was not right. I asked them to disconnect to my computer because I felt that they will damage my computer. True enough, after they disconnected I restarted my computer and my computer could not connect to my printer and scanner and I don’t know yet what else they damaged. If PCmatic cannot protect they own website, PCmatic definitely cannot protect our computers.

    • Hello Claude, PC Matic does not offer phone based support. Whoever you spoke with was not a legitimate PC Matic support technician. To reach our support staff, please reach out at — they will be able to assist you with any issues you’re reporting. I can assure you, our website and product are entirely secure.

  2. I bought PC Matic Mac but am still experiencing the problems others state. My console is blank. Just lines on the page. What do I do?

  3. Dumped McAfee for PC Matic. First, did a clean uninstall of McAfee beginning with Windows Options remove App. This did not seem to work. Next ran McAfee MCPR.exe which removed the app but left behind the desktop icon and McAfee support User. These required manual removal. After this, the PC Matic 3.0 install ran without a hitch. Unfortunately, a major Windows update interrupted PCM set up but after the WIN update finished PCM opened right up and the first scan ran just as the manufacturer said it would. So far, so good. After the first install on a multi-quad processor with max RAM, and only after I will be installing on the other computers on the home/home biz private network (WIN and Android). Quite happy with the product so far. AND it is Made In The USA!

  4. I purchased this “product” and I received and email confirming my purchase. Then I received another email about running a scan. But it WILL NOT take me to that screen. I clicked on the button in the email AND watched the videos THREE TIMES and it will not give me the sign in option on the lower left hand corner. I cannot find the scan or anything else for that matter. All I keep getting is the home screen. Is this even a valid company? Why send out emails to “click here” or have videos that show how to do something if it doesn’t work? FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don’t tell me to go to this pcmatic/help because I did that already and OF COURSE the option is not there. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scan my computer!!!! I have already done the So tell me what to do. Tell me HOW to get on the supposed screen to run a scan. It shouldn’t be this complicated. I have NEVER had SO many issues with any other product. FIX IT!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Kelly, after your purchase of PC Matic it should have automatically downloaded the installer to your computer. Did you run the installer file to get our software installed? After the install process PC Matic should automatically open to the home screen.

      • Hi Arnold,
        We do not offer phone based support. However, to answer your question, PC Matic is not compatible with iMac.

    • The “Scan” button can be found by logging into PC Matic, and the scan feature is on the right hand side. Under “Master Scheduler”.

  5. Hi there,
    I am experiencing some issues I absolutely did not expect.
    After paying for PC Matic and running the virus protection, I am actually GETTING viruses.
    The first thing that showed up was a website with videos running of semi-nude women. This has actually showed up twice – the 2nd time was this morning, when I sat down to get on my computer.
    I am seeing all sorts of weird things with PC Matic. I am NOT happy about this.

    I do not know what is going on, but this is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I expected.

    Please advise.

  6. I recently purchased this service and wondering if I disable Norton and MWBytes, without removing them will they affect the performance of PCM ?

    Also if I completely removed/uninstalled, what kind of files may remain on this PC and what affect may they have ? I am trying to figure out a way to test it all before I completely bail out of Norton and MWB. I do know both do slow down a PC for various reasons. It appears the many adverts loading at most sites via the cloud are the main source of my PC slow in complete loading and I imagine that is true for most ? Would be curious of others feed back.

    • Hello Stephen, as long as there is not two real time protection components running at the same time it should not affect performance. After uninstalling there won’t be any files remaining on your device. Thanks!

  7. It seemed that PCMatic interfered with Norton antivirus and slowed my other computer down. I had to buy another computer at Best Buy on Tuesday. Now I haven’t downloaded PCMatic on this computer yet, I did with McAfee antivirus. Will PcMatic interfere with McAfee. I can’t buy another computer.

    • Hi Ronald,
      Security programs, including PC Matic, encourage users to only use one program. This means, if you are using Norton, don’t use McAfee along with it or vice versa. When installing PC Matic, the user is encouraged to uninstall any other security solution they are running on their PC (Windows Defender disables itself automatically). Users are only encouraged to use one security solution, because each program runs differently and they could interfere with the accuracy of each other, making them less effective. I hope this makes sense — however, if you need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team at

  8. My outlook software is slower than a dead snail. I requested assistance on this website and the website directed me to look in my inbox. What you guys sent me was a password change link, so I filled it out and tried to send but nothing happened.

    I do not see PC Matic software on my software index. I need help

    • Please contact our support team letting them know you are not seeing PC Matic on your software index. They will provide additional instructions to assist you with the issues you’re experiencing.

    • PC Matic is only compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Android devices. Since it is not compatible with iOS devices, Super Shield will not be listed as an option.

  9. I don’t have the SuperShield icon on my task bar. The instructions say “To install SuperShield, open PC Matic and click on the Options gear icon, then click on the SuperShield tab, now click the red Install button for SuperShield.” There is no red install button. Of course using on line tech support means resolution will take days instead of minutes if you had phone support.

  10. I tried to fill out your service report, but there was no “send” button and the form wouldn’t go any lower to check for onr

  11. Super Shield what a joke If it`s to good to be true you are screwed and yes it will not down load on my laptop Should have stayed with AVG

    • Steven,
      I apologize you’re having issues with our Super Shield protection. Please reach out to our support team to assist in determining the issue. You may reach them at They’re available seven days a week.

  12. I am not able to find a phone number to get help. This product has become extremely frustrating for us. Each time we attempt to download Super Shield, the “File Execution Blocked” notice pops up. I have not Idea if our systems are even protected. I am about ready to go back to Kaspersky.

    • PC Matic does not offer phone based support. In our 16+ years of service, we have found that online support has been the most effective and efficient for our users. You may submit a helpdesk ticket at

      On a side note, if you check the shield image in your task bar by the clock, and if it is green, SuperShield is enabled. If not, right click, go to protection level and make sure SuperSheild Protection is checked. If that is not an option, it means SuperShield has not been installed. I hope this helps! If you need more help, like I said, please reach out to our support team.

  13. I can not launch Super Shield from my desk top?? When I try to run a Scan on PC Matic it starts with Recycle bend and then just stops and locks up, want go any further?? what so I do to fix this please I have been struggling ever since I downloaded this and my computer is not protected this suck I cant call any one and get help I have to get emailing yall and want to get a response I need help with this now!

    • Right click on the Sheild icon in your task bar by your clock (bottom right corner of the screen). Go to protection level, then be sure Super Sheild has a check next to it. That will ensure your PC is protected. As far as your PC freezing, you will need to talk to our support team about that. I apologize I cannot be of any further assistance. Have you submitted a help desk ticket? Our support team typically responds in less than 15 minutes.

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