Over 11M Patient Records Breached in June Alone

In June alone, over 11 million patient records were breached, making the industry rethink various security components…

Healthcare IT News reported, 11,061,649 patient records were breached in June, which is more than any other month this year.  Various instances reportedly caused these incidents.  Hacking activities accounted for less than half of the breaches.  While others occurred due to employee, vendor and business associate error.

So this leads us ponder, what can be done?  Security software vulnerabilities do not account for all of these breaches.  For instance, if an employee leaves a device exposed that information is accessible to anyone.  Or, when an employee loses paperwork that information is now available to whomever happens to find it.

How can this be fixed?  The health care industry will need to look at security measures to be taken to mitigate the risk of patient record exposure and maintain HIPPA compliance.

Unfortunately, human error can attribute to a large number of breaches.  Training employees not once, but on a consistent basis can help decrease the risk of record exposure.

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