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First Baptist Church of Norfolk, located in Norfolk, Virginia, was using another security software, until they realized the true value of PC Matic Pro.  Read their full testimony now…

At an average First Baptist Church of Norfolk Sunday service, you’ll find 2,500 people sitting in the congregation, up to 1,000 of which, are connected to the church’s network. In addition to their megachurch-status member base, the church runs outreach missions that touch the corners of the globe. We spoke with Javier Montanez, IT Manager at First Baptist Church of Norfolk, about how PC Matic Pro keeps their 100+ endpoint network secure and running at peak performance.

“We have PC Matic Pro installed here, and it’s been working like a dream ever since we got it.” -Javier Montanez, IT Manager, First Baptist Church of Norfolk

Previous security provider: Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security

Why did you switch from Trend Micro to PC Matic Pro?

“We had been using PC Pitstop Optimize for, I don’t know, we had a version that we ran for about 5 or 6 years, back with Windows XP. Then we upgraded. We loaded Windows 7 on the PCs and we upgraded to the new version [of Optimize] and ran that, and it cleaned our computers so well and made them run so much smoother. As soon as I started paying more attention to the TV commercials, and noticed what actually is in the PC Matic Pro product, it made sense to us. We were paying a yearly license for our anti-threat, anti-virus, malware etc. and also for PC Pitstop’s Optimize product. It was just time to look at them together, and hands-down, the pricing and the value, it really came down to just dropping Trend Micro and taking on PC Matic Pro. And again it started with that PC Pitstop Optimize product that just cleaned so well.”

When Javier discovered that PC Matic Pro uses a cloud-based, online dashboard, the choice to switch was even easier.

“And the fact that the dashboard was online. I had just recently switched all of our WIFI to that type of an architecture, with a hardware company doing that, and that was just so beneficial to be anywhere and be able to manage the system. As soon as that popped up I was like, ‘Wait a minute, hold on. Did you say that has a web dashboard? I’m sold. I’m done.”

The bane of many IT Managers’ duties is to perform a new application installs on their network. On the subject of installation, Javier explained the ease of use, compared to Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Business Security.

“I was already having to touch all 100+ computers for other various things going on; upgrading to Windows 10, being one of them. So, I did an individual manual install to each of them. First, trying out giving them the version that was basically locked down, where they had no changes they could make to the interface in the system tray; after that, learning that there were some that needed a little more flexibility. I just did them all one-by-one, individually. Even just doing it one by one on 100+ computers, it was so straight-forward. Especially since you only have to create the install file. You pick your options on it one time, and it creates an installer for you. Even a handful of our folks, we were able to just email them the link on our network and say, ‘Hey, install,’ and it ran and worked. Our folks really don’t have to pay much attention to it after the install, and if there is a reinstall needed, we still go and do those manually.”

Javier went on to explain why the task of installing PC Matic Pro is so favorable, compared to their previous security provider.

“My favorite feature is probably the installation, just because of how long it took with the Trend Micro product. It was just ridiculous how long it took to install that stuff, but with this, just download and run it, let it do it’s thing and reboot. In the past I would have to plan a downtime, you know, a couple of hours for that particular user, or pray that they come back in, because we have so many ministers that go off site or travel around the world. Now, I don’t have to wait until they come back into us. I can just send them the executable file and let them install it. As long as they have web access, they can put it back on there and protect their computer. In the past, I’ve had ministers and staff, people outbound, that have got hit with something malware-wise and we’re dead in the water. This way, I can just send them the file, let them install it, be done and they’re on their way.”

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