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FBI Encourages Application Whitelisting for PC Protection

Malware is a larger threat now than ever before.  A FBI bulletin is encouraging PC users to utilize application whitelisting for proper data protection…

Are you tired of me saying it yet?  “Ransomware is an epidemic…Proper protection includes whitelisting technology…The world needs better security.  We got it.”.  Believe me.  I get it.  I often feel as though I am stating the same information, but I remind myself I am not.  Each is a new attack or a new strain of malware.  I wouldn’t be writing these posts if it was just a “rinse and repeat” of the same information.  There is a reason I write what I do.  There is a problem.

Malware, including ransomware, viruses and phishing scams are all very real threats in today’s computing world.  We as a society need to first understand the threats in order to properly protect against them.  So what is the threat?  Malware.  Why is it a threat?  Because depending on the variant, it could breach your data or encrypt your files.  Either way, your inconvenienced and potentially losing money.

Looking at this from an enterprise perspective, a data breach compromises your reputation and could financially impact you if clients are lost due to the breach in data.  From a personal perspective, your identity is stolen.  You are now monitoring and/or canceling your credit cards, checking credit report, and changing passwords.  Again, inconvenienced.

What about ransomware?  From both a personal and business perspective, your files are encrypted and the criminal behind it doesn’t care how important they are.  They want your money.  The harsh reality is, even if you do pay their demands, there is no guarantee your files will be restored.  Then what?  Well, unless you’ve backed up your files, they’re gone.

So, what can you do to prevent malware, of all shapes and sizes, from worming its way into your PC?  The FBI bulletin reported application whitelisting as a preventative tool to assist in avoiding unwanted applications from running on your network.  PC Matic for home users implements application whitelisting for preventative protection to secure all of your personal files.  Tech Sentry for enterprise use utilizes the same whitelisting technology to provide superior protection for your company’s data.

PC Matic and Tech Sentry’s whitelisting agent outscored all competitors in proactive detection in the most recent Virus Bulletin test.  This is what our computing world needs.  A security software, focused on preventative measures.  And you guessed it…we got it.

To read the FBI bulletin in its entirety, click here.

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