Ransomware Infection Hits Hospital

New Ransomware Variant Projected to Increase Attacks

Latest ransomware variant is on the dark market for less than $40, which is certain to create a widespread increase in ransomware attacks…

Ransomware developers have created a new ransomware strain that has the same features of CryptoLocker and Jigsaw.  The ransomware is called Stampado and encrypts your files, makes a payment demand, and sets a time limit.  If payment is not received within the designated window, files start being deleted.  With a combination of a few different ransomware variants on the market, this one goes the extra mile to be cost efficient.  Usually I am all about a bargain, but this friends…is not good news.  For less than $40 the ransomware is available to users who can then make variations to it and start attacking.

With this projected uptake in ransomware, it is more important than ever that you are proactive with your computer protection.  First, educate yourselves on cyber security.  We encourage users to check out the cyber security training available from KnowBe4.  They have home and corporate user trainings available.  Second, make sure your operating system and applications are current and up to date.  Third, use a security software that implements application whitelisting.  PC Matic is available for home users, and Tech Sentry is available for enterprise use.  Both software options use PC Pitstop’s proprietary whitelisting technology, that has been proven to beat all competitors in proactive detection in the reputable Virus Bulletin RAP Test.  Lastly, be sure to back up your data on a daily basis via an external storage device.  Be certain to unplug this device from you PC after back ups are completed.

As we know, ransomware variants are becoming more and more prevalent, and to be honest, they will continue to evolve.  It is part of the malware lifecycle.  Once one is detected, a slight variation has to be made in order to avoid future detection.  This will continue.  Educate, update, protect, backup and ALWAYS think before you click.

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