Sioux City Explorers Hit With Ransomware

Ransomware hits the Sioux City Explorers, a minor league baseball team, in an unexpected way…

Until the 2016 season, the Sioux City Explorers had a rather dated scoreboard.  You know, the ones that require people to actually change the numbers?  Well this season a local hospital sponsored a major upgrade.  A new scoreboard was installed and it was great, until ransomware hit.  The scoreboard has not been able to run at full capacity since last Friday, as one of the computers that works the system has been infected with ransomware.

At this time it is unknown what the ransom demands are, or if the organization intends to pay the ransom amount in order to get their systems up and running at normal capacity.  According to KMEG 14, it is the organization’s hopes to have the board fully functional by the team’s next home game on July 30, 2016.

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