CrypMIC Ransomware Unable to Decrypt Your Files

CrypMIC, the ransomware that is rather comparable to CrytpoXXX, is experiencing a major technical difficulty…

We have always said never to pay the ransom demands from ransomware hackers.  This post is nothing different; however I will give you another reason not to pay.  According to Trend Micro, the developers of the CrypMIC ransomware did not create their decryptor appropriately and they are actually unable to unlock your files.  So this means even if you did pay them to obtain your data, they would not be able to unlock them due to their decryption codes not functioning.

Whether or not the hackers plan to fix the decryptor is unknown.

This is just one more reason not to pay the ransom demands.  I cannot stress enough that you never really know if you’re going to get your data back.  Like I said in a recent post, you’re dealing with criminals.  Their moral compass isn’t exactly on point.  If you find yourself the victim of ransomware, we encourage you to follow the five steps outlined in our ranscam post.


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