Ransomware Attack – Now Corporate Espionage?

When we think of ransomware, we think of someone hacking your systems for financial gain, but this attacker makes a shocking claim…

A ransomware hacker makes a shocking confession; they were employed by a Fortune 500 company to attack a competitor.  It is reported by Motherboard that the attack was designed to take place to halt day-to-day operations of the competitors, so the alleged company that hired the attack could launch a similar product first in the market place.

The hacker did not disclose the company name of the victim or who they were allegedly working for.  These claims have also not been confirmed; however it makes us question why the cyber criminal would lie about it.

If this attack did indeed take place, the ransomware hackers could have uncovered a way to double their financial gains from attacks.  Not only getting paid by the victim, but also by the company who hired the attack.

Software security is available to prevent ransomware infections.  Check out your security options now, and prevent becoming the next victim!

To read the full story published by Motherboard, click here.

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1 thought on “Ransomware Attack – Now Corporate Espionage?”

  1. James E. Transue ll

    I can’t find any help in reporting these people. I see cautions about them, but all I ever get is that they can’t be arrested because they are usually overseas. I get more and more calls from My “Tech Support” company, 24/7 network, Microsoft or Windows and a “Refund Department”. All are well know attempts to gain access to my system and information. I know better, but I tell everyone I talk to that NO company will ever call. But, I would like to follow it up by prosecution.

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