Decryption Key Available For Stampado Ransomware

There was a major buzz around the ransomware, Stampado, due to its low price point; however that hype may be gone…

Softpedia reported a decryption key is available for the ransomware Stampado.  This ransomware variant was all over the media for the last couple weeks due to its low cost to hackers to initiate attacks.  Luckily, the malware’s life is short lived.  With the decryption key now available, you are able to get your files back without being forced to pay the ransom.

In order to utilize the decryption key, you need to have the Stampado ID assigned to your computers and the hacker’s email address.  These things should be identified to the user in the ransom demand made.

Click here to download the decryption key from Emsisoft.

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