Why SMS Authentication is Not A Valid Option

Many companies are using SMS authentication as a piece of their dual authentication methods; however a recent report states it’s not good choice…

America’s National Institute for Standards and Technology has advised abandonment of SMS-based two-factor authentication.  There are two major concerns when using SMS authentication.  The first being assurance they are sending the SMS to the appropriate device.  According to The Register UK the organization sending the SMS needs to be sure they’re indeed contacting a mobile device, and not a Voice Over IP service.  Also, there is a threat of a hacker intercepting the message.

It is encouraged all users of SMS authentication abandon this methodology.  A valid replacement option would be PC Matic Pro Authentication.  With this technology, users are able to use three-factor authentication including the device, user credentials, and location.  Another unique feature is the tool’s strike-back technology.  When IT administrators suspect suspicious activity the authentication is denied and IT administrators have the option to lock down the suspected device. For the first time ever, we’ve provided IT administrators with a weapon to fight back against the anonymous hacking world of cybercrime.

To learn more about PC Matic Pro Authentication, click here.

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