PC Matic Pro Announces GSA Contract Approval

On June 17th , PC Matic Pro proudly received the General Services Administration (GSA) contract approval in partnership with distributor, Synnex…

Earlier this year, PC Pitstop announced PC Matic Pro as the B2B brand approach in offering businesses and municipalities the same proactive endpoint security solutions available for home computer users. With ransomware’s frightening climb this year alone, it was clear ALL industries need better security, and this is no different for government and public sectors. As of June 17th , PC Matic Pro proudly announced their GSA contract approval via GolvSolv GSA Schedule in partnership with Synnex.

GSA is known as the purchasing department of the U.S. Government and lists contracts or schedules where approved vendors like PC Matic Pro can bid for government services and business. With this acknowledgement, PC Matic Pro’s new GSA Schedule contract authorizes the company to sell to the United States Government through the General Services Administration and allows PC Matic Pro to connect with a new wide range of government security opportunities. This Schedule Program is similar to commercial buying as it allows customers to easily comply with federal procurement rules and regulations. GSA Schedules are the primary federal vehicle for connecting customers and industry partners and provides access to millions of commercial products/services at a federal volume discount by establishing long-term, government-wide contracts. PC Matic Pro CEO, Rob Cheng, comments on the GSA approval:

“Our federal government needs solid protection against ransomware, advanced persistent threats, and polymorphic viruses.  We are proud to offer the industry’s only white list protection that is also made in the United States to our federal government.”

To read the full PC Pitstop Second Quarter Report, you can do so here: PCPitstop-Quarterly_Report_Q2_2016

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  1. About 5 weeks ago I received what appeared to be a News Letter from you. to get 10 ways of stopping Rasom ware. The offer even I got a huge attempt to put a Virus on my computer.

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