Oracle Micro Systems Could Be Compromised

Oracle’s Micro systems handle over 300,000 systems, yet the impact of this breach is still unknown…

According to Wired, cyber security researcher Brian Krebs found Oracle’s customer support portal was infiltrated by the Russian cyber gang, Carbanak Gang.  Unfortunately, it is unknown what exactly they’ve gained access to with this cyber attack.  If the breach was isolated to the customer support portal, damages could be minimal.  However, it is possible they gained access to much more than that.

The Oracle Micro system handles roughly 330,00 systems that are used world-wide for financial transactions.  If the cyber criminals were able to gain access to any of these systems, there could be major issues.

As stated previously, it is uncertain if the Micro systems were accessed; however if they were, there is certainly a potential for the criminals to steal credit card information among other things.

At this time, Oracle has notified their Micros customers of the breach.  For the Oracle Micro customers, it is to be expected that all credentials be changed, as they were potentially compromised.  Also, as consumers who may have contact with the Micro systems, it is recommended you watch your bank and credit card statements to confirm all transactions.

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  1. Having PCMATIC, am I secured enough so they don’t hack us? Also, thank you for the article on this subject. I can explain it to my wife., Michael

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