Microsoft Issues 9 New Updates

Keeping your computer updated is critical, and Microsoft just released nine new updates for your Windows PC…

Microsoft just release nine new updates for your PC.  There are five updates deemed “critical”, and four identified as “important” that need to be completed on your computer as soon as possible.

We have stressed the importance, over and over again, of keeping your PC’s applications, operating systems, and security software up-to-date for security purposes, and this is why.  These security patches are fixing vulnerabilities found within the system.  Without patching them, hackers could potentially have the ability to gain access into your computer on various different levels to steal your information.  Patch management is critical for computer security.

Please visit ComputerWorld to read a full description for each update, what applications will be impacted, and why the updates are necessary.

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31 thoughts on “Microsoft Issues 9 New Updates”

  1. Great set of updates – I don’t think. Rearranged all my files including my outlook files with the clear intent to store them on one-drive and incur more charges. Removed all settings from Edge.

  2. Several times when I download updates from Microsoft, my computer is screwed up. So I have stopped downloading from them. Once I even got spyware from them on a download!!!

        1. @Diann: I would suggest going into your system by selecting the Windows kkey, then Settings and then Update & security (Windows Update, recovery, Backup), and finally select ‘Check for updates’.

  3. I also have my updates turned off.Every time new updates were installed it would knock off my sound.Never could figure out the cause of it.I would go back un-install all the updates and then my sound would work again

  4. Is there any such thing as a real ad blocker? My puter is essentially hijacked having to wait for all the adds, banners etc to fill up before I can use it. Help. Thanks coy

        1. Kayla Thrailkill

          Thank you for your feedback Dave. It was not my intention to demand anyone purchase our product. The question posed asked if there was a “real adblocker” available. Since we offer one within our product, I thought it would be worthy to mention.

          Have a great day!

    1. @Coy Harvel: You don’t need an adblocker if this is not when you open your browser, you have Malware/Adware and need help cleaning it out of your computer. Visit the PC Pitstop forums for help.

  5. ‘clickadvanced’ keeps taking over my internet explorer browser and renders it useless. It starts out fine, then in a few seconds ‘clickadvanced’ shows up and I can’t do anything.

  6. Carlos Torres Saavedra

    Hi Kayla. i have a question i have a problem with my e-mail address on MSN/ every time that I open my e-mail show a link on the url to my old job i left that 2 years ago my mistake was open my personal e-mail there, what can i do to fix that

  7. What would be really really useful would be to include a link to these crucial updates so I wouldn’t have to download a lot of useless stuff as well. I have updates turned off simply because they often take ages to download and configure.

    1. @andrew: Google that and follow the instructions to repair Win 7 update functionality. You can almost always repair that without doing a repair install of Windows.

      1. @Jimh:
        I’ve tried all the google “fixes” and windows fixit and reddit fixes, stand alone updater…
        i can leave it on over night and still says checking for updates
        I did just return it to factory a couple weeks ago, was able to get sp1 on it, but nothing since

    2. Same here, Andrew. My Win 7 laptop just sits there, trying to d/L updates. This is a sudden occurence, and no malware found. My Vista systems do likewise, but my Win 8.2 and 10 systems are OK. NO amount of BS troubleshooting helps. Why can’t updates just be simple????

      1. @Kayla Thrailkill:Hasn’t worked for me! I’m so used to them I’m afraid I’ll marks something spam when it is for real! I originally started by blocking sites but it got idiotic after a time.

        1. Get a new email and stop giving it out to people you don’t want emailing you. I have had thousands of email addresses over the years before that dawned on me.

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