UPDATE- Enigma Software Vs. BleepingComputer Suit

BleepingComputer just filed an interesting countersuit against Enigma Software…

Some may recall, Enigma Software issued a lawsuit against BleepingComputer about six months ago regarding a review that one of their independent bloggers had written, which in turn favored another product.  Any updates on this particular case have been quite minimal until recently.  Yesterday, Softpedia publicized that the owner of BleepingComputer, Lawrence Abrams is filing a countersuit against Enigma for an alleged smear campaign.

BleepingComputer is confident that Enigma is using their trademark in various websites to label them as malicious.  Claims report Enigma is using Bleeping’s trademarks and content from their site to generate traffic, then reporting Bleeping’s Rkill and Unhide software are viruses.  The claims then state Enigma has the solution to “fix” these issues.

Things are getting ugly folks.  We will keep you posted as the suit progresses.  In the meantime, we want to hear your thoughts!  Do you feel like either suits are warranted?


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7 thoughts on “UPDATE- Enigma Software Vs. BleepingComputer Suit”

  1. I installed spy hunter and reghunter after getting infected and also because pic pitstop didn’t prevent it. It then seemed to open the door to even more malware and ran some where. I installed malwarebytes and it immediately repaired all of it. Just sayin!

  2. I’ve been using Bleeping Computers huge repository of FREE software and professional advice for many years. When my PCs have been disabled through malware or my own negligence, BC has always come to the rescue. With tons of diagnostic and disinfectant tools at their disposal, there are literally NO computer problems they can’t fix. Enigma Software should be ashamed for trying to smear their good name. I wish Bleeping Computer the best of luck and Enigma Software a slow and painful demise.

  3. I fully support Bleeping Computer in their fight against Enigma. Bleeping Computer has been a huge help to me and I recommend them to everyone. Freedom of Speech is one of the founding principles of the United States of America and what Enigma is doing is wrong. They are using our legal system to Bully, yes Bully others. If Enigma get their way then anyone who publishes a negative review can be sued. Then basically you will never know if a product is awful because no one will be allowed to say so.
    Everyone please stand tall with Bleeping Computer and defend free speech.

  4. Enigma has driven me away from their products with their Nazi tactics of trying to take legal action against somebody’s
    I must support BleepingComputer, because this is America, and that person was entitled to their opinion….

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