Malware Attack Led to Massive Credit Card Breach

A malware attack on HEI Hotels and Resorts resulted in a major credit card breach, impacting 20 different hotels…

According to ThreatPost, 20 different hotels were impacted when a malware attack designed to obtain credit card information resulted in a major breach of guests’ information.  The hotels impacted are nationwide, and include various Sheridan, Westin, and Marriott hotels, as well as a few others.  To obtain a list of the exact hotels that experienced security issues and the dates of vulnerability, click here.

Some of these vulnerabilities were present for months on end.  Spokesperson for HEI, Chris Daly, reported there could be hundreds of thousands of transactions that are impacted by this breach.

It is encouraged everyone look at the spreadsheet of impacted hotels and the corresponding dates of vulnerabilities to determine if they stayed at any of the hotels during the time of impact.  If you did stay at any of the hotels during the specified dates, it is encouraged the guests watch their credit card statements to be sure all purchases are authorized.

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