Telsa Crypt Calls it Quits



Although the ransomware epidemic continues to spread, a major ransomware strain called it quits in Q2…

To everyone’s surprise, the massive ransomware strain, Telsa Crypt, shut down in May of this year.  They then shared their decryption keys with the world.  This was a huge sigh of relief for anyone who has fallen victim to the ransomware and had not received their files.  If your files were encrypted and have a .xxx, .ttt, .micro or .mp3 extension, you can now decrypt them for free.  You are also able to decrypt files that do not have an extension.

If you are in need of the decryption tool, you can gather more information here.

To read the full PC Pitstop Second Quarter Report, you can do so here: PCPitstop-Quarterly_Report_Q2_2016

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