We Want To Know – Have You Been Hit With Ransomware?

Take our ransomware survey for a chance to win a $200 Amazon gift card!!!

We are reaching out for your help.  Yes…you!!  We want to know; have you been hit with ransomware?  Complete the survey below, and be entered into a drawing for a $200 Amazon gift card.


The winner will be notified no later than September 9, 2016.

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11 thoughts on “We Want To Know – Have You Been Hit With Ransomware?

  1. I like PC Matic… Works great and have no issues yet. I would like to see an option added that after you run PC Matic it will turn off your PC. That would be great.

  2. I get ransomware every once and awhile.It says don’t turn off my computer and pay money to fix the problem. So I open Task manger and end task internet explorer. Use ccleaner to delete my temp files, reopen internet explorer and the ransomware is gone. Then I go back to surfing with no problems. I have done this a few times and it works every time.

  3. Been a satisfied PC Magic user now for two years. My opinion…..best product on the market……love the Black List.

  4. Nice I work with Windows Xp and PC MATIC has not let me down. I have three Windows PC s and two older desk tops have gone down with a virus. But it was my falt. P C MATIC did the best with support but down they went. Keep your P C MATIC UP AND RUNNING IT DOES WORK.

  5. I have used PCMatic for a number of years starting with a yearly sub for two years and then an evergreen sub for three more +. I have had a few issues which I submitted to PCmatic tech and they responded in hours and kept with it until the problem was solved. I have been using computers since the 80’s and have never had the customer service like PCMatic’s from anyone PERIOD!

  6. I wasted my money all these years until PCMatic came along. Now I’m set for life and no more worries. Thanks PCM.

  7. I still have problems and had to paid someone to work on my computer twice since I singed up with Pitstop. Then the renewal, I would appreciated if I get ahead notice a few days before the money taken out of my account because I still having problem, I was considered paying the real people to monitor and fix problem as it occur. I wish I have more confident in it.

  8. I have been using PC Matic for several years now. I am completely satisfied with it. I do not have to worry about the security of my computer.

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