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Keeping Data Safe With Application Whitelisting


Data Center Journal encourages application whitelisting technology to keep your data safe…

Application whitelisting has been proven to block unwanted, unsafe, and unknown programs from executing on your PC.  It’s no wonder Data Center Journal is encouraging PC users to implement it.

For those who are unfamiliar with application whitelisting, the logic behind it is essentially the exact opposite of what is being used for a mass majority of security software solutions.  Most security programs utilize a blacklist approach.  A blacklist is a list of all the known malicious files and programs.  So, if you were to try to execute a file, they would run it against their blacklist and if it’s not on there, the program is allowed to run.  The problem with this methodology is malware is constantly changing, as fast as every 15 seconds.  It is impossible to keep the blacklist updated.

This is where the application whitelisting provides advanced protection.  Application whitelisting uses a list of known good programs and files.  So again, you try to execute a file and this time it is ran against the whitelist.  If it’s on the whitelist, it executes, if it’s not, it does not.  The safety feature whitelisting provides exceeds that of the blacklist, because no matter how many times that malicious file changes, it will never be deemed “safe”.

This leaves you questioning, which security software offers whitelist protection?  PC Matic Pro provides superior security protection, with our proprietary application whitelisting technology.  Beyond the advanced security protection, PC Matic Pro offers patch management to ensure all of your endpoints are properly updated.  This eliminates the risk of hackers finding vulnerabilities within any outdated applications and operating systems.

Stay protected from cyber criminals.  Secure your data with PC Matic Pro.

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