Samsung Recalls Note 7 After Confirmed Battery Explosions

Samsung is now recalling their latest phone, the Note 7, after confirmed reports of battery explosion…

Technology giant, Samsung, is recalling their latest phone, the Note 7, after there have been confirmed reports of the lithium battery exploding during or after being charged.  As of today, there have been 35 reports of this incident.  The financial cost of this recall is expected to be astronomical; however, Samsung believes customer safety needs to come first.

Here is a video from Ariel Gonzalez, who reported his new Note 7 caught on fire shortly after charging it.

This is not the first time the safety of lithium batteries has been questioned.  In 2006, PC Pitstop helped to expose the danger of lithium batteries.  Another study was done in 2013 to see if any enhancements were made to increase consumer safety; however, the results were disappointing.

In April of 2016, Toshiba also recalled 100,000 lithium batteries for a melting hazard.  Let that sink in.  Ten years after this experiment, lithium batteries are still being recalled due to safety issues.

So my question is, what has to happen before alternative power sources are considered?  There are phones and laptops catching on fire, exploding, and melting–what is the industry going to do about it?

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11 thoughts on “Samsung Recalls Note 7 After Confirmed Battery Explosions

  1. How should one dispose of used batteries?
    Could this problem be reduced (significantly) or eliminated by using thicker batteries? Seems to me seeking to make phones as thick as paper has reached diminishing returns!

  2. What about the millions of “flying match sticks” distributed everywhere by drones? Should all products using this battery technology be shipped with an appropriate fire extinguisher?
    What about the safety of drones sitting on the shelf? Ticking time bombs?

  3. Another reason why you always buy Apple products. It won’t be to long before we’ll all be driving around in an environment friendly automobile. Apples do more than grow on trees.

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