Two Hackers Join Forces to Infect Government With GovRAT 2.0

Hackers combine their efforts to infiltrate government systems with GovRAT 2.0…

The hacker bestbuy, also known as Popopret, has reportedly joined forces with Peace_of_Mind (PoM), to sell malware targeting government agencies.  Popopret is behind the malware piece, called GovRAT 2.0.  This malware is created to infiltrate the government systems, then once inside they will spy on the activity and steal passwords.  The malware is also able to jump from system to system, infecting endpoints as it goes.  GovRAT 2.0 also has the ability to pin point USBs and target that information as well.


Malware authors can create all the malware they want, but the need a way to distribute it.  This is where PoM comes into play.  PoM has been identified as a hacker who has stolen 33,000 email address compromised of the US General Services Administration, the US Navy, and several big-name US universities such as USC, Missouri, and the University of Florida.  With this mailing list, joined with the GovRAT 2.0 malware, it’s frightening how successful these malware attacks could be.

GovRAT 2.0 is currently being sold on the dark web for $1,600 USD.


With advanced forms of malware ranging from ransomware, viruses, worms, etc. popping up everyday prevention is critical.  It is impossible for blacklist antiviruses to stay updated with this growing threats.  This is why whitelisting technology is a necessity to keep your data and endpoints secure.

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