University Gastroenterology Informs Patients of Data Security Incident


University Gastroenterology, located in Providence, Rhode Island, informed patients of security incident…

Two months after the security incident, the University of Gastroenterology (UGI) informed impacted patients of a data security issue that occurred on July 11, 2016.  The incident was identified after patient files were found to be encrypted.  It is believe this was a ransomware attack, due to the file encryption.  In the press release by UGI, it was not disclosed if a payment demand was made by the ransomware hackers.  UGI also did not report how their systems were revived.

UGI has sent letters to each patient impacted with information regarding the security situation.  The letter specifies how patients can monitor their personal information, as well as offers free credit monitoring services.

For a full list of the ransomware attacks that have hit in 2016, click here.

We have also created a map for users to see where each attack has occurred in the U.S.

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