FBI Director Encourages PC Users To Cover Their Webcams


FBI Director covers his webcam, and he wants you to too…

FBI Director, James Comey, encourages PC users to be proactive and cover their webcams.  This simple solution creates an additional layer of security.  This quick fix won’t stop cyber criminals from hacking your webcam.  This is merely a preventative measure to stop hackers from gaining visibility to whatever they may see from a webcam view.  Which, could be a lot.

Realistically, if a hacker is going to spend the time and resources to get into your PC, it will be for more than a peek through your webcam.  Therefore, a webcam cover should not be your only preventative measure.

It is important, you run a security software program with application whitelisting to prevent malware from infecting your computer.  Updates are also critical.  Keeping all of your applications and operating system updated will avoid any security vulnerabilities going unresolved.

If you ever question if your PC has been infected, you can always run a security scan to confirm if any security issues are present.  In the meantime, be proactive.  Update, Scan, and cover up that webcam!

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12 thoughts on “FBI Director Encourages PC Users To Cover Their Webcams”

  1. MMEMOXIE: If you really think that unplugging your webcam will keep you safe from hackers, you need to educate yourself. And no, this does not only apply to laptops, but to tablets and cell phones as well. Having one’s webcam unplugged or blocked in any other way, does very little to protect you from being hacked. Judging by your very limited acumen over PC security, I suggest you stay away from computers entirely.

    1. It is not to prevent hacking, it’s to prevent people from seeing you inside the room you are in. If they have access to your webcam while it’s taped up you are already hacked

  2. I gather that this is mostly about Laptops. I have a Webcam but it is completely separate from my PC. I do not have a Laptop.

    I only “plug” my Webcam in, when I am going to use it. Otherwise, it is “unplugged” completely. I do not believe that there can be any hacking with an “unplugged” Webcam. Now, the minute I “plug” the Webcam in – All bets are off. :O)

  3. Can the microphone be remotely turned on also ??


    September 22, 2016
    Kayla Thrailkill

    Although this article does not confirm that, I wouldn’t doubt it.

    Can the microphone be turned off and if yes how?

  4. Whenever I am not using it my webcam is pointed at my ceiling fan. The only thing that might happen to the viewer is that they become hypnotized! LOL

  5. Maybe the best advise is to stop using computers anyway. After 30 years of computer engineering and support I have NEVER seen a private machine or webcam being hacked, despite enormous arrears of Windows updating and complete lacks of security software: it only happens because of naive and/or ignnorant users, willingly and knowingly downloading and running executable files, and opening up there webcams to complete strangers, usually on ‘social’ media such as Facebook (actually it’s the latter that should be turned of or – even better – banned!). Fear is always a bad adviser and used by anti-malware software companies to raise their revenues….

      1. Yes it can and this kind of hacking has been around since the 90’s, back then I knew a program called bo which would take over your pc, some of the features it did was turn on mic, turn on webcam, reboot pc, open programs, format their drive, all at the command of the one controlling it. Today they are called rat’s also known as remote administrator tool, look it up on YouTube to see what it can do

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