High IT Spending Doesn’t Always Equal High Security

After a data breach exposing several athlete medical records, can the World Anti-Doping Agency manage their IT spending to better protect athletes in the future?

About a week ago, news broke that Russian hackers breached the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and released athletes medical information. This breach included high profile olympic athletes Simone Biles and Venus Williams. Personal medical records being released is a nightmare for everyone involved, especially the individuals whose information it is. Now that the storm has passed the WADA is looking to better protect itself from data breaches in the future.

The WADA President Craig Reedie has requested details from his finance department on IT spending over the last five years. He is hoping to determine if they are using the less than $30 million dollar budget IT has wisely. In an article on Bloomberg Aviv Grafi the chief technology officer at the Israeli security company Votiro is quoted saying, “I agree it would be a challenge for an organization with $30 million.”. That may seem like an immense amount of money to the average person but this is normal spending for security. This is where PC Matic Pro comes in.

We, along with the CTO, don’t know exactly what IT is spending their full budget on. However, our solution offers a low cost alternative to most security products on the market. Our whitelist protection is easily implemented and out performs blacklist protection by a large margin. The WADA may not be able to increase their IT budget, but they can stop spending money on antivirus solutions that offer subpar protection for high costs and find solutions that offer better protection for a low cost.

Find more information about IT spending with quotes from our CEO Rob Cheng and VP of Cybersecurity Dodi Glenn here.

You can also find out more about PC Matic Pro and get a price quote here: www.pcmatic.com/pro


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