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Keck Medical Center Patients’ Security Questionable After Ransomware Hits

Keck Medical Center of Los Angeles, California alerts patients of a ransomware attack…

Keck Medical Center of USC is notifying patients of a ransomware attack that they discovered on August 1.

The ransomware affected two servers that did not contain EMR but that did contain internal documents that included demographic information, date of birth,  health information including treatment and diagnosis, and in some cases, Social Security numbers. Other files in the encrypted folders contained medical record numbers, date of service, insurance information, and CPT codes, but no patient names.

Keck was able to restore the files within a few days and did not pay any ransom.

Their notice on their site does not indicate how many patients are being notified, but does note that they have no evidence that the data were accessed at all – only that the data were encrypted by the ransomware.

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