PC Matic Provides Peace of Mind With Flawless Performance

Les Benson has been a loyal PC Matic user for three years.  Here is what he has to say about PC Matic…

“I have been very satisfied with the past 3 years or so of utilizing PC Matic Pro as the frontline protection for 3-5 of my business and family computers.

Two of the computers are at different locations in the country and are operated by family members that rely on me to keep their systems healthy. Additionally as a professional commercial pilot and part time operator of an international aircraft ferry business it is absolutely essential that I have 100% uptime and protection checking weather, filing flight plans and operating occasionally in foreign countries. PC Matic has given me the peace of mind with its proven flawless performance and excellent compatibility with Windows 7 and 10. I have had 0 issues.

I have tried many of the other larger and expensive offshore providers and have had to once wipe a hard drive clean to avoid paying a ransomware .There was no effective protection on that occurrence. Additionally all of those providers impact the performance and speed of the computers they were installed on. Customer service was weak to non-existent.

PC Matic however, feels more like belonging to a family of passionate and dedicated experts that strives to not only keep my computer safe but also to insure that I have the latest information and tools thru the monthly tech talks and links to better inform me and increase my expertise and awareness. I am impressed with the many efforts that the company makes on the subscribers behalf. I am constantly amazed at the timely articles and links that keep me way ahead of any issues and increase my education on all things internet. When the Tech Talk email shows up in my in-box I take the time to read every article and follow every link. I’m usually annoyed by other industries emails pandering for attention and eventually my money, but not PC Matic’s Tech Talk articles.

I will list below a recap and bullet point list of why I feel that they are the standard for others to emulate.

  • White List is a proven winning strategy
  • Passionate and informative people
  • Very affordable
  • USA Based
  • Fully Customized protection, tune up and scan menus with real time reporting
  • Ease of menu and the ability to remotely customize computer scan schedules
  • Zero issues and all viruses stopped in their tracks on several occasions
  • A company that I know that I can trust based on my own experience with PC Matic”

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