Free Decryptor Available For MarsJoke Ransomware Victims

MarsJoke, the ransomware targeting educational institutions and government agencies, can now be decrypted…

Researchers have found the malware authors who created MarsJoke ransomware did nearly a perfect job, except for one little line of code.  This weak line of code allowed researchers to test several variants of decryption keys until a successful one was found.  According to ThreatPost, there was an additional layer of security beyond the encryption; however, they found this was easily breakable as well.

MarsJoke ransomware had a massive campaign that went out last week, targeting educational institutions and government agencies.  Luckily, these researchers worked diligently to find a solution for potential victims.  If you have been hit with the MarsJoke ransomware, and your files remain encrypted, you can use this tool to unlock them, cost free.

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