95% of IT Pros Question Election Booth Security

Only 5% of IT pros feel very confident in election booth security…

With the upcoming election quickly approaching, we wanted to know how IT Pros felt about election booth security.  To find out, PC Matic Pro conducted a poll with the IT Pro community on Spiceworks to see what they had to say.  The poll found a vast majority, 95% to be exact, of IT pros question the security of voter booths.  These results make us wonder why something hasn’t been done to enhance the security of our election system.

We have posted several blogs regarding the hacks of the election and voter registration systems, and many responders don’t seem surprised.  Does a majority of America have concerns regarding voter booth security?

How confident are you that the voting booths are digitally secure?

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8 thoughts on “95% of IT Pros Question Election Booth Security”

  1. Two things are absolute. Voting booths are not secure and the communistic so called democrats mean to vote fraudulently to win this election. There will not be one way they do this there will be many. There is no limit to the methods that can be used to perform fraud when a computer is involved. It can be programmed to, between the hours of 6 & 8 to, vote democrat or republican regardless of which key is depressed. Before and after that time perform properly. I am not an IT and even I know that.

    Computers should be taken out of voting booths altogether. Which is the most important getting results fast or getting authentic results? Not a very hard question is it?

  2. We in Georgia know this for a fact. The year we got Diebold machines, the tally of votes for governor and senator were the exact opposite of the post election poll results. When our county chairman, who took us from huge debt to huge surplus while building infrastructure was shockingly defeated for re-election, I offered my condolences. He said he was not surprised, the man who set up the Diebold machines was the nephew of the man he had earlier defeated.

    1. It definitely won’t change under the Republicans either. Y’all need some third parties to get you back to paper ballots with pencils. -Friendly neighbour from the North

  3. On YouTube more than 10 years ago I saw a hacker rig a Pitney Bowes machine to read ~5 ballots marked as “yes” into “No” responses. The local election official started to cry when she realized what she just saw with her own eyes.

  4. First the voter registration roles need to be cleaned up, Second, an ID that is credible (ie issued by a credible organization under rules that can verify a person is a citizen and who they say they are) is needed. Third, unless those 2 elements exist, any steps taken to secure the vote counting is very ineffective. I don’t believe ANY of those elements exist to the degree necessary to have elections that don’t resemble a banana republic.

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