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DDoS Attack Leaves Major Websites Inoperable

Today, major websites remain down due to a denial-of-service attack to DNS service company, Dyn…


If you’ve tried to log into Twitter, Spotify, or Amazon today, you’ve probably ran into a problem. A denial-of-service attack has shut down major websites across the internet this morning, and most remain inoperable this afternoon. It is reported the DNS service company, Dyn, was hit by an apparent DDoS strike, leaving the company responsible to mitigate and resolve the issue. It is unknown who is responsible for the strike at this time.


Earlier this morning, Dyn was notified of the issue and began taking action against the attack on the Dyn Managed DNS infrastructure. Dyn reported the area most impacted from the internet outage is customers along the US East Coast. Dyn provided a recent update stating, “This DDoS attack may also be impacting Dyn Managed DNS advanced services with possible delays in monitoring. Our engineers are continuing to work on mitigating the issue.”


Some of the popular, known websites affected are:

  • New York Times
  • Amazon
  • Reddit
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Airbnb
  • Tumblr
  • Survey Monkey


At this time, CNN reported the US is investigating this massive internet outage and working to confirm the details of this attack.  We’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds. With these attacks becoming more frequent recently, who do you feel could be responsible for shutting down some of these major websites?


Update: By end of day Friday, 10/21, Dyn resolved the incident.

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1 thought on “DDoS Attack Leaves Major Websites Inoperable”

  1. It affected my home automation system. Insteon controlled by the Amazon Echo. Got error messages from Alexa. I couldn’t turn off one light, the rest I was able to shut off manually. Both the Insteon system and Alexa depend on cloud services. Major global vulnerability for IoT devices and systems. Scary stuff.

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