Adult FriendFinder Breached – Exposing 100M Records

A hacker took to Twitter stating they had successfully hacked the Adult FriendFinder.  The tweet included two screenshots that led authorities to believe they had access to the website’s infrastructure.  The breach has yet to be confirmed; however it is imperative the company take these threats seriously.

Many times, it will take months or even years before organizations will let their customers know of a breach.  Adult FriendFinder needs to be proactive, and inform their customers of this potential breach.  It is believed this breach could have impacted upwards of 100 million records.

This isn’t the first breach Adult FriendFinder has been impacted with.  According to Information Security Buzz, in 2015 a confirmed breach occurred.  This also leads to question, whether the leaked records are a new breach, or another exploit of the 2015 records.

In the meantime, it is encouraged that users of this website change their password.  Not only should they change the password to Adult FriendFinder, but also any other websites they may have used the same password for.

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