Hackers Boost Sophistication With Fake Microsoft Security Essentials BSoD Attack

Hackers are now using advanced methods to distribute malware…

Hackers have found new ways to copy notifications from what users would consider safe programs.  The latest example of this is the blue screen of death (BSoD) that appears after users attempt to download a fraudulent version of Microsoft Security Essentials.  Microsoft does have a BSoD alert that looks quite similar to the tech support scam BSoD shown below.  However, the legitimate screen will not have the last line, offering a phone number for “support”.


Microsoft reported any true messages from them will not include support contact information, nor will they ever request payment for providing technical support.

According to ZDNet, this form of malware has been named Hicurdismos.  Once infected, the malware will disable the Task Manager to prevent the user from terminating the BSoD.  Hicurdismos will also hid your mouse curser to make you believe your computer is frozen.

But wait, there’s good news!  Assuming you’re using PC Matic, SuperShield can effectively block this malware, and here is how.  Since this is an unsigned piece of malware it will immediately be stopped by SuperShield. It may pretend to be a Microsoft file once installed, but SuperShield can see it is unsigned and by a fake corporation, “BlueStackz LLC” and will not allow it to execute. Legitimate Microsoft files are signed by the company themselves, and help to distinguish fake files from real files.

Microsoft SmartScreen will also prompt users not to run the program that is infected, since Hicurdismos is not signed with a Microsoft certificate.  The SmartScreen will provide a message stating running said program could be harmful.  Now, this won’t help if the PC user disregards this message and runs the program anyway.  This is why it is important to read the messages that are coming up on your screen.  Quite often users are too eager to click the “Yes” or “Run” button to get the end result, they forego reading what their PC could be warning them about.  It’s important you take the time to do so, it could save your computer in the long run!

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5 thoughts on “Hackers Boost Sophistication With Fake Microsoft Security Essentials BSoD Attack”

  1. your an idiot if you are using security essentials anyway. Worthless program. get a real Anti Malware or anti virus program..

  2. FYI-something similar happened to me. This message had a tel #. I called & they wanted remote access. As soon a I said no they hung up on me. Flashing alert Windows is what I received with Windows defender as sender.

  3. Shirley Patteson

    in the past month the micro soft flag icon, is showing it is scanning my computer, which it had never done before. It starts and just keeps running. In checking it had been running over 3 hours while I was unaware. I hit the cancel button & it stops, I never know when it will run as I cannot access that Icon. Is this security scan overriding the PCmatic security? I have an older computer & it is running very slow. When I run your scan, towards the end it stops & states”error creating log file, system cannot find path. Please help.

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