Voter Booth Security Questioned by 92% of Individuals

Voter Booth (In)Security

On October 12, 2016, we asked you how secure you thought voter booths were.  A study at the time showed 95% of IT Pros expressing concern over voter booth security.

As of today, 447 individuals completed the poll posted below.  The current statistics have shown 79% of individuals question the security of voter booths, and believe enhancements need to be made.  Thirteen percent of those polled believe the booths are “somewhat” secure.  Meanwhile, 8% feel confident in the security of the voter booth system.

How confident are you that the voting booths are digitally secure?

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I don’t find these results surprising in the least.  Over 90% of those who took place in the poll had some concerns over voter booth security.  With the recent leaks of voter registrations in various states, there are certainly concern looming over the validity of the upcoming election results.  What are your thoughts?

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One thought on “Voter Booth Security Questioned by 92% of Individuals

  1. While in Oklahoma it’s noted that legal voters use indelibly marked card stock ballots that are electronically scanned at a polling location. Even mail-in absentee ballots are on same material; mailed to and counted by the county election board. These methods permit both electronic results (that could be nefariously altered) and hardcopy backup should recount become needed. And there are times recounts have occurred. Hardcopy could be destroyed by some nefarious selfish person but the electric records remain. For balloting security these differing materials and counts must be separated when returned to county election boards and to the state election board. May the fiasco which befell Florida never happen in any other election.

    Further security of elections can only be had when picture voter identification is enacted nationwide. One need either passport, drivers license, or some state issued photo ID with current address. Even that will not prevent those who are determined to cheat the vote from attempting to do so. Especially those who live near state borders and it can be convenient to at least double or more vote particularly those NE states where multiple states are in short travel periods. Then there are people like the rich Soros’s of the world who apparently pay thugs, hoodlums, ruffians, or worse to intimidate or cast false ballots. In either case those who cheat vote or those who intimidate or those who pay for such tyranny and terror ought of right be denied voting privalage for twenty years and be denied freedom for ten years!

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