New Locky Ransomware Campaign Sends 14M Emails In Five Hours

14M Emails Infected With Locky Ransomware

Another ransomware campaign was sent out on October 24th, distributing 14 million emails with Locky ransomware attached.  The email included a “complaint letter”, which of course was really ransomware.  Upon opening the attachment, the ransomware went to work encrypting user’s files.  The typical ransom demand made with Locky infections is .5 Bitcoin, or $340 USD.

A decryption key for the Locky ransomware has not been found.

Staying Protected

Ransomware, the malware that locks your files until payment demands are met, targets your most important data.  How can you stay protected?

  1. Use an antivirus that includes application whitelisting technology.  Instead of the traditional blacklist approach, using a whitelist allows for only trusted programs to run.  PC Matic is available for home use.  PC Matic Pro is available for business use.
  2. Update your applications and operating system.  Many times our applications and OS have security vulnerabilities that are patched through updates.  If you are not installing updates as they become available, you could be leaving the door open for cyber criminals.
  3. Backup your data.  Use an external device to backup all of your critical data.  Also, be sure to unplug this external device once the backup process is completed.
  4. Increase your awareness.  Gaining insight on current cyber security threats such as ransomware and viruses, can help prevent users from falling victim to the hacker’s attempts.  PC Matic subscribers are offered a free cyber security training through our partners at KnowBe4.
  5. Think before you click!  Are you expecting this email?  Do you know the sender?  Does the attachment make sense?  Take this most recent Locky campaign for example.  Are you expecting a “complaint letter”?  Probably not.  Sent to businesses however, this “letter” could be quite successful.  We all know the saying curiosity killed the cat…don’t be a cat!


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