64% of IT Pros Boost Security Awareness Efforts Around the Holidays

Winter Holidays Lead to Increased Scams

Cyber security awareness is critical to staying safe while browsing the internet, checking emails, and even reading text messages. With holiday shoppers doing more of their transactions online, staying secure against holiday scams can be harder than ever. In a recent poll conducted by PC Matic Pro, it was found that 64% of IT Pros boost their security awareness efforts around the holidays.

IT Pros explained, their efforts to keep PC users informed does increase during the holidays.  However, it is primarily because there are more scams to inform users about.

For those who didn’t report an increase in cyber security awareness efforts, a large portion stated awareness is imperative year around. Therefore, they do not increase efforts around the holidays, but instead, keep them heightened throughout the year.

For PC users who will be shopping online, especially during the holiday season, please read our Top 5 Safety Tips for Online Shoppers article.  These tips will help to keep your information secure this holiday shopping season. These tips can also be used year around.

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1 thought on “64% of IT Pros Boost Security Awareness Efforts Around the Holidays”

  1. The Geeky Squad is on the march. today my arm rolled the mouse over a pop up and Comodo, Turbo clean, PC Accelerator, an update to Java? “in windows 10” Avast and put short cuts all over the desk top.
    They also put up a black screen U could not remove behind all the apps they offered along with 1-800-33-1590 for “HELP” I called them!!!!! Use Programs and Features. You could not get Control Panel up! Had it in the task bar. Took over an hour to get the registry back to normal and rid of their junk. This sharp and deceptive practice should have not been on FB? I did have a merry xmas for them with sand paper.

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