Default Deny – The Future to PC Protection

Default Deny

What is default deny? Essentially, it is application whitelisting. Application whitelisting is the preventative detection method, proven to be more effective in preventing malware attacks than the traditional methods used by many anti-virus programs.

Google senior security engineer, Darren Bilby, has asked for research to be focused on more meaningful defenses such as whitelisting applications, instead of intrusion detection and anti-virus solutions.

But what if there is an anti-virus solution that includes an automated whitelist? And what if this security solution was available for home users and business use? Well there is. PC Matic is available for home use, and implements an automated global whitelist, while PC Matic Pro is available for enterprise and government use.

The application whitelisting approach focuses on preventing malware infections before they occur. By simply preventing the attacks, less time and dollars will be spent on remediation efforts. Unfortunately, not everyone believes this is the best approach.

Reactive Approach

IBM recently spent $200 million on a cyber security response headquarters. Marc van Zadelhoff, general manager for IBM Security made the following statement to Bostinno,

“We spend too much time geeking out on preventing a breach or detecting a breach…”

Therefore, instead of focusing on prevention, they’re taking the reactive approach.  Agreeably, disaster recovery plans are critical; however, to forego prevention and spend hundreds of millions of dollars on reacting to the issue seems a bit backwards to me.

There are certainly times breaches cannot be prevented with a security solution. But several times, there are security vulnerabilities created by unpatched applications and systems that create the issue. There are also malware attacks the lead to security breaches. Security solutions that include patch management and application whitelisting can prevent these breaches, and guess what? It won’t cost $200 million to implement these solutions.

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