Top 5 Malware Variants Hitting PCs Worldwide

There are millions of malware threats targeting PCs worldwide. PC Matic’s Vice President of Cyber Security, Dodi Glenn, has been researching malware trends, as well as which variants tend to be more popular than others. He has provided his findings below, along with each variant’s distribution methods.

  1. Bitcoin Miner – This malware attempts to steal Bitcoin Wallets, which contain money. It is typically bundled with pirated software and is often masked as a key generator or crack. On that note, stay away from pirated software—it’s a breeding ground for malware.
  2. WisdomEyes – This malware is spread via exploit kit. Meaning, using security vulnerabilities within your PC, whether it is from security holes within your operating system or applications. This is why it is critical to update all programs once they’re available.
  3. Hupigon – Implements an exploit kit to infect your PC.
  4. Bladabindi – Also uses an exploit kit as its method of distribution.
  5. Nemucod – Uses phishing attacks to infect computers. Think before you click! Do you know the sender? Is it a legitimate website? Are you expecting this attached document? Etc.

As long as you are a current PC Matic subscriber and have SuperShield protection enabled, you will not fall victim to any of these malware attacks. The payload associated with Nemucod is the Locky ransomware, which is blocked from execution with SuperShield. SuperShield technology will block all of the malware variants above, as well as thousands more. PC Matic also comes with patch management services which patches security vulnerabilities, making exploit kits completely ineffective against PC Matic users.

To ensure SuperShield is enabled, right click on the shield icon in the right hand corner of your screen, by your clock. Then, confirm “SuperShield Protection” has a checkmark next to it.

If you do not have PC Matic for your home or business security solution, click here to learn more.

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