Android Devices Riddled by Repeated Malware Issues

Android devices have been experiencing several security issues lately. Earlier this month, we reported on the malware associated with fake Flash Players on Android devices. Then, BleepingComputer reported Android banking Trojans, which impacted over 200,000 users. Now, it has been discovered, over three million Android devices have firmware installed on them.
Firmware, the software that enables data manipulation, monitoring and device control, may not have been installed with malicious intent. However, if the wrong person was aware of the firmware, it could’ve been used maliciously. At this time, there are no reports of negative impacts from the security vulnerability.
According to BGR, most devices impacted are within the U.S. Most devices with the firmware were manufactured by BLU Products. Other manufactures include Xolo, Leagoo, Doogee and Infinix. BLU Products reported fixing the security vulnerability. It has not been reported if the other manufacturers have patched the security gap caused by the firmware.

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